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Truly Experts in Trekking in Nepal

Namaste and Welcome to Nepal Trekking Experts

Our company name makes it abundantly clear who and what we are: a team of trekking specialists with decades of experience in the business and a lifetime of built-up knowledge that comes from growing up in the respective regions and valleys. Nothing can truly compare to such an easy familiarity with the trails, villages, and local people, and it ensures that no matter where our clients choose to go, they are always accompanied by guides who know the destinations like the back of their hands.

Our entire strategy is built around striving to make our business the preeminent trekking agency in all of Nepal. In order to achieve such a lofty aim, we set ourselves the goal of providing excellent service as a basic standard and caring for the welfare of each of our customers as if they were members of our own respective families. Word of mouth is king in our industry, and nothing matches the kind of priceless advertising that comes from leaving our clients thoroughly satisfied with our services and the product we provide—it's a point of pride with us. The numerous testimonials, both here and on sites such as Tripadvisor, speak to how we've done our utmost to uphold the core philosophy that's always underpinned our business approach.

At Nepal Trekking Experts, our main focus is on exploring less developed areas of the country and supporting local economies that don’t enjoy the benefits of high tourist numbers. Along the way, our guides provide expert knowledge on the natural and cultural heritage of every region. You'll not only be apprised of the basic points of interest scenically but also given an awareness and appreciation for all the flora and fauna, the multitude of cultures and faiths that make up the fabric of our vibrant and harmonious society, as well as the rural and village lifestyles that add so much to the color and vibrancy of our trekking experiences. Our aim throughout is to remain as flexible and motivated as possible to fulfill the needs and requirements of our clients, whether individually or as a group, changing plans as needed to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of all concerned.

If your goal is to explore the wild and less-traveled pathways of our scenically stunning and fascinating country, then Nepal Trekking Experts is the agency of choice to see you on your path to adventure. Whether it's trekking, day tours, climbing, jungle safaris, rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, or visits to exotic locations such as Tibet and Bhutan, our company can handle your needs, and all at highly competitive prices—just ask! We also cater to groups of all sizes, from individual hiking enthusiasts right through to student groups and more, with customizable options throughout.

So why not accept our invitation to take part in an unforgettable voyage of discovery, one that allows you to experience all the natural and cultural beauty that Nepal has to offer to the world? Our staff will be your guides wherever you choose to explore.