About Nepal

From the moment the landlocked kingdom of Nepal opened its borders to the outside world in the 1950s, it's near mythical status and ethereal scenery have proven irresistible to those with adventurous leanings and a desire to find sanctuary and new perspectives amidst its glorious mountains.

A mystical land of prayer flags and shrines, monasteries and Sherpas, of legendary place names that roll off the tongue in a mixture of awe and reverence, none more so than a single and evocative word that speaks to the heart of Nepal's allure — Himalaya.

Trekking through Nepal has become the gold standard by which visitors choose to explore the world's greatest mountain range, a range that defines the very essence of the country culturally and spiritually, as well as geographically. The rooftop to the world, Atlas in mountain form bearing the heavens atop the shoulders of eight of the planet's highest peaks, including the mightiest of all, Everest itself, soaring up to the jet stream at an altitude of 8,848 meters — and still rising.

Other names are synonymous with the country. Kanchenjunga, third highest mountain in the world, reigning supreme in splendid isolation to the east on the border with India. Formidable Annapurna and its magnificent amphitheater of sister peaks, with the daunting massif of Dhaulagiri standing side by side to form the world's deepest gorge. Lhotse, Everest's lesser but no less imposing twin, towering above Khumbu glacier. The twin-horned peaks of Manaslu standing tall over a valley of unsurpassed beauty and variety.

Yet the Himalayas are more than just the snow-capped mountains. It's a place of serene valleys and cascading mountain-fresh springs, breath-snatching passes and sky blue lakes, including the world's highest, Tilicho. It's a unique natural world of agile blue sheep and the hardy yak, soaring eagles and snow leopards ghosting across the landscape and leaving no traces other than light footprints in the snow. And, of course, it's the land of the legendary Yeti.

It's a land of indomitable people withstanding some of the harshest living conditions in the world with a natural resilience that is truly inspiring, yet a people of matchless grace and hospitality toward visitors. Little is as heartwarming as the sunny and guileless smiles of the children greeting every passerby. From valley to valley and range by range the Himalayas harbor a plethora of different dialects, cultures, ethnic groups and religions, all coexisting in complete harmony and mutual respect.

Whether you choose the relative comfort of the teahouse treks or hit paths less travelled with porters and hardy mules in tow, the trails and high passes of the Himalayas await further exploration by intrepid individuals. Yours could be the next footsteps to venture forth in search of adventure.

 The Himalayan region of Nepal represents the ultimate expression of trekking at its finest. We offer myriad possibilities to indulge that passion by catering to all tastes, budgets and levels of fitness. Whether it's the short and relatively easy treks such as Ghorepani or the more demanding challenges of Manaslu, Makalu, Upper Dolpo and Kanchenjunga, we cater to each and every requirement.

Trekking in Nepal is as much about the cultural experience as the mountain panoramas and communing with nature. It's about charming villages perched precariously on the slopes. Men carrying impossible loads on their backs along precipitous trails. Women coaxing fires into life to prepare the day's first meal, or sitting nonchalantly at open-air looms rhythmically passing a shuttle back and forth as children roam the landscape with baskets gathering firewood. Monks sitting in their crimson robes patiently spinning prayer wheels back and forth while nodding sagely at each passing stranger. Mule trains passing along narrow trails like nature's own version of autonomous transportation, their masters idly bringing up the rear. It's a window into the heart and soul of rural life amidst the soaring peaks.

Nepal Trekking Experts sets the bar for outstanding hassle-free trekking that places a premium not only on making the experience as rewarding as possible, but also on the safety and comfort of its clients, not least by placing appropriate emphasis on proper acclimation procedures — we don't cut short the process by sidestepping rest days when needed. Our standards of service are only rivaled by our carefully selected and superb trekking staff, highly trained guides, porters and Sherpas who are at the ready to lead clients as far afield as the high altitude base camps of the 8,000 meter giants or remote pockets of Tibetan culture hidden away in the deepest recesses of the Himalayas.

Why not place yourself in our expert care as you explore our unique homeland, either through one of our 25 standard trekking packages or an itinerary specifically tailored to your particular requirements? Simply call or email, and our staff will be only too happy to discuss the details.

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