Peak Climbing in Nepal

Is anything more synonymous with Nepal than mountain climbing? Everest, Nanga Parbat, Annapurna, Manaslu, and Kanchenjunga are legendary peaks that have drawn the world's best climbers for decades, each eager to add their names to the list of famous people who have ascended the mountains before them. While the Himalayan giants may be beyond your reach or desire, there's nothing stopping you from conquering other formidable peaks that provide the same sense of accomplishment and an extraordinary eagle's eye view of the world, all while avoiding the usual red tape and logistics associated with traditional climbing expeditions.

Here at Nepal Trekking Experts, we confine ourselves to providing the three trekking peaks we consider the most outstanding in all of Nepal, Mera, Island Peak, and Lobuche Peak which are lie in the Khumbu region and offer stunning views of Everest, Lhotse, Cho Oyu, and the entire amphitheater of soaring mountains in the area.

Mera lays claim to being the highest trekking peak of all, at a formidable height of 6476 meters, yet by any measure of mountain climbing, it is a relatively mild endeavor that requires stamina, proper acclimation, and some use of ice axes and ropes on the approaches to the peak. Getting to the mountain is half the fun, as it's a little more remote than Island Peak and gives climbers a sense of an old-fashioned expedition to reach its slopes.

Island Peak, while a few hundred meters lower than Mera, offers a slightly more technical aspect to climbers as well as superb views of Lhotse due to its close association with the entire Everest-Lhotse massif. Graded at the non-technical level of alpine PD+, the climb's only real challenge is the final 100-meter pitch to the summit, which our support staff will ensure you're fully roped up for. Island Peak can easily be combined with a hike to Everest Base Camp, and the appeal of both a spectacular climb and a visit to the historic base camp at the foot of Everest ensures that it remains the most popular choice for those seeking a memorable climbing experience.

So whether it's Mera or Island Peak, why not get in touch with our expert staff and let them discuss the options for getting you on your way to the top of a Himalayan peak? The glorious views, the photographs of you standing proudly on the summit, your footprints left behind as a mark of your achievement — it's all just waiting for you.