Monasteries, fortresses, and dramatic landscapes ranging from subtropical plains to steep mountains and valleys characterize the Buddhist kingdom on the Himalaya's eastern edge. Peaks such as the 7326 m Jomolhari in the Himalayas are popular trekking destinations. Paro Taktsang monastery (also known as "Tiger’s Nest") clings to cliffs above the forested Paro Valley.

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked country in Asia and one of the smallest states, located entirely within the Himalayan mountain range. Bhutan is sandwiched between the massive countries of China and India. Thimpu is Bhutan's capital and largest city. The King of Bhutan is known as the Dragon King. The country’s landscape ranges from lush subtropical plains in the south to the sub-alpine Himalaya in the north, where there are peaks above 7000 m. The highest mountain in Bhutan is the Gankhar Puensum, which is also one of the highest unclimbed mountains in the world. There is also diverse wildlife and flora in Bhutan. For further queries, please feel free to contact us.